A word on this issue's theme.

Literary Moments
September, 2019.

When this year had begun, we decided to set ourselves a goal — a reading goal. Instead of wasting away our hours scrolling infinitely, or shifting our attention from one screen to another, and to another, until we ultimately and helplessly fell asleep. 

Online reading challenges seemed a good way to make sure we stuck to this goal, to bring back old and good habits that made us feel whole. But soon, the goal was just another compulsive need to check boxes off a list, to hit a number, to mark ‘complete’ on something. 

Like it were just another task

As this year is hurtling to a close, we are slowing down to revisit the many reasons why reading is as universally loved (and needed) as it was, is, and should be. Through seven stories, we are re-looking at why we need to overcome, as one of our favorite journalists put it, “the gathering conspiracy of distraction”.

Reading is a meditation. It builds new worlds for us, even as it shows us our own with clarity. It is comfort when we want it. It is a life-map when we need it.

And this little secret — once always in our bags and under our pillows — is still there for us, whenever we need it. 

Happy reading.


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