A word on this issue's theme.

Solo Wanderings
July, 2019.

The long and languorous days of summer are over. Cooler, breezier days are upon us — which means it’s time to unlock the doors, open windows. Fresh. 

As each cloud journeys in this monsoon, it gathers bits of itself along the way, rumbling forward, slowly, sometimes gliding. When finally, full to its seams with everything she has learned and collected through this long and lone journey, she opens up her wonder to the world. 

As a tribute to the solo journey of each cloud that gathers into a full, much-awaited Indian monsoon, we are looking at the solo wanderings our little selves have taken — in new and distant lands, or through oft-trodden streets; in the gardens of our minds or in flower-filled paths — that have led us to fresher thoughts, or bigger selves. Just like one monsoon-drenched day can make us feel. Renewed, with the calm pulse of life throbbing through. 

By way of a P.S.: It’s beautiful happenstance that all our contributors this time happened to be women. Slowly but surely, we are taking back public spaces, one flaneuse at a time. <3


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