#LookoutFor | ShapeShifter

Kayaan Contractor throws together a mean Friday night look in mere minutes. She also has “dance moves from space” (see for yourself on her Instagram), but with the same casual flair, she’s also walked for famed Indian designer Ritu Kumar at the recently concluded Lakme India Fashion Week. 

Also known as “ShapeShifter”, Kayaan is a fashion stylist and style director at Love and Other Bugs (LAOB), a Mumbai-based blog dedicated to fashion and styling. With Snapchat and Instagram stories lately, you’re just one tap away from feeling like an insider in someone else’s life. You can connect (even if passively) with someone you share some interests—and sense of humour—with. That’s how I stumbled upon Kayaan’s fun, funny, and inspirational Instagram presence. 

Along with Shereen Sikka Bharwani and Trishala Sikka, she runs LAOB, which is a platform for fashion brands to connect with their real target market. The trio can often be spotted shooting on the streets of Mumbai for brands they’ve tied up with. For instance, just the other day they did a shoot with shoes from Clarks, at a local apartment complex.  

“When we started LAOB, we literally took images off the web and sort of put them on the blog page for inspiration. It wasn’t until a year and some later that we thought we’d just dress up and take photos of our outfits. And the rest is history!”, says Kayaan. 

Having studied menswear in Toronto, Kayaan loves androgyny and masculine silhouettes. Her biggest fashion inspirations include Leandra Medine, who runs a hilarious fashion website called The Man Repeller; Miroslava Duma, founder of Buro 24/7 fashion and lifestyle platform; and Gilda Ambrosio, an Italian stylist and blogger. 


Having collaborated with over 50 high-end fashion brands so far, Kayaan’s focus is to keep LAOB relatable, real, and not over the top. “Fashion writing should be simple and honestly comprehensible. The reader should be able to relate to you and/or at least want to get what you’re conveying,” she says adding that she swears by VMan and V Magazine as her favourite fashion reads.  

Kayaan’s dream fashion event? An Animal Fundraiser hosted by Jared Leto and Adam Levine!

Text by Anusha

Inline mages from LoveandOtherBugs blog

Spotlight image from LoveandOtherBugs Facebook page