Visual notes from daily strolls

Snippets of textures and colours that you can #lookoutfor

Words and images: Karuna Reddy


Bangalore: Design inspiration around the city

I spend a lot of my free time walking around the streets of Bangalore— in particular, around older structures and quaint places. The unintentionally striking colour palettes and the juxtaposition of textures and different designs that work (even though you wouldn’t think they would) is a huge source of inspiration to me.

Architecture: A little flicker of passed time

Another thing I find fascinating is how looking at buildings—and finer details like doors, windows, awnings, as well as the colour of paint and the kind of stone used—is like a snapshot of history. In some cases it almost transports you back in time.

Everyday visual merchandising: Sights at local storefronts in various bazaars

"The effortless visual merchandising that one gets to witness in markets around the world is something that I cannot get enough of. There are no design rules that are adhered to, and yet you see such visually striking displays."

At home: A DIY-esque flourish  

As the Williams sisters said “if you don’t look good, you don’t play good.” 
This is a line that strikes a chord with me, and is something I apply to all facets of my life. It is very important to me that my home reflects my sense of style and aesthetic, while also being my sanctuary. The muted colours and pastels, and abundance of greenery makes home my safe place.

On the road: Some flashes of interest during Karuna's travels.


At work: That final touch

A small tradition I’ve started at the Mogra Collective is to give each bride a basket containing some of my favourite things. These include some jars of peanut butter and home-grown succulents. I’m very fond of, and particular about packaging, and like to make sure that things are just right.

Karuna Reddy is an event stylist and founder of The Mogra Collective, a dog-mum and cross-fit enthusiast.

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