#LookoutFor | Tinyfarm by Riddhi Desai

She's been around for a while and has worked in print as well as digital media, but if you haven't put a name to the many faces that she illustrates, we think now's the time. We love Bengaluru-based designer-illustrator Riddhi Desai and how just about everything inspires her to create. 

Let's start off with Daiyya Ri— incidentally a song featuring some of TLJ's favourite earthy voices, that of Raghu Dixit and Bindumalini. The poem whose words they sing was composed by legendary Sufi poet and musician Amir Khusro. Notice how Riddhi hasn't missed the tiny, almost ephemeral computer generated imagery that the video is sprinkled with, and has interpreted it into her illustration too.   


Hit play on the video thumbnail above when you're taking in the illustration. [Episode 3, Season 4 of  The Dewarists, with Raghu Dixit & Bindhumalini. Courtesy: The Dewarists on YouTube.]



Now, this guy. "A DJ," says Riddhi.

An alien, thought someone else.

A beacon of futuristic music, we say.
And what a cute poster-boy of it, indeed. 





Something about this one reminds us of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's illustrations in the classic, The Little Prince. Is it the un-detailed yet evocative lines that make the drawing? Is it the flowy blue dress, a la the Prince's cape?

"It's dancing like a wildflower," Riddhi says.

It could even be the spinning, swaying dance of a Sufi.

The spirit of innocence, of freedom, of being one with something bigger than you— the light and sun and breeze, flowing in and out of you.  



Remember we said Riddhi is inspired by mostly everything she sees around her? This flower-crowned lady, rising from the waters like a lotus herself, with the eyes like the body of a fish (meen-akshi) was inspired by a photo shoot that fashion designer Payal Khandwala did in Benaras.


(The collection was available at Ogaan in New Delhi last year, by the way. Do you by any chance have one of them?)




"Kali," said Riddhi. 

And there's no two ways about it. 

The powerful, fiery eyes with a gentle, an almost-cute smile.

Don't miss the detail of the earrings and matching nath. 

Visit Riddhi Desai's website for more faces and coasters that are lusciously floral, yet muted (among lots more, it goes without saying).