This is a collaborative piece.
Poem: Pragya Lal
Art: Tasneem Amiruddin  


Grow – 
Not under the shade of a large tree
But where you are planted – unapologetically, with abandon

Grow – 
Into the person you wish you knew when you were younger

Grow – 
Into the person who types in full sentences

Grow – 
Into the person who uses kindness as currency

Grow – 
Into the person who watches the news but remains less skeptical more optimistic

Grow – 
Less angry, more forgiving

Grow – 
Patient, with those who lean right, left or stand firmly in the center

Grow – 
Demand – your share of sunlight, water and air
Don’t settle

Grow – 
Heal those wounds, stop scratching them
Acknowledge what is broken
Fix it
Try again


Pragya Lal is a Brand and Communications Consultant. She measures her life in cups of filter coffee, rhymes, and leaps of faith.

Tasneem Amiruddin is an illustrator from Mumbai who enjoys bright colours and fairytales. Gorgeous pink sunsets, mischievous children, magic, dark nights and bright stars and other such whimsies inspire her.