Guides in a new, old city

Text and photos : Karuna Ezara Parikh



I came to a new city with open arms and wide open eyes and a heart so open it was as if things could fall into it.

And they did. 

Trees and streets and love and sweets all fell into it. I fell into it. I fell into myself.




All the gods and goddesses joined hands to point out paths and pavements.

To offer advice and embraces.

There were blessings everywhere.

And I needed in this time more than ever, blessings. 




And I saw them everywhere.

In fact, 

there were prayers I hadn't said

that were answered.


Karuna Ezara Parikh writes, models, and hosts TV shows. Currently, she is rediscovering Calcutta, her parents' city, documenting those tales in The Calcutta Chromosome, her blog.