#LookoutFor | 'The Word of Boka' by Niloy Duttagupta


In this springtime issue of The Lookout Journal, a healthy dose of nihilist humour brought to you by Niloy Duttagupta. 

He once used to spend his time studying Chemistry, but now holds a job that has nothing to do with it. He dayjobs as a copywriter at an ad agency and moonlights as a nihilist comic-maker. Sometime last year, he started a personal project, The Word of Boka, doing what he's always done— drawing. "I started by doodling free-hand when I was a kid; comics started only two years ago. It was (and still is) an evolutionary process," he tells The Lookout Journal between moving houses. 

Niloy's panels take jabs at the everything: a scene that could be from your day or mine, pop-culture, or current affairs. That sounds dull, so sample this: he has a one-panel take on the Augusta Westland scam, and makes his angst over the incomprehensibility of financial schemes, a realistic lament on love. While those are on his blog, here are four comics he's made exclusively for Issue 2 of The Lookout Journal. 


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