#LookoutFor | Shreyas R. Krishnan

"Drawing is my means of being present," says Shreyas R. Krishnan, an illustrator-designer from Chennai, now based in Baltimore.  While she usually draws during talks and lectures as a way of making notes, she has also recently begun filling up small notebooks at one go.

"My earlier sketch notes were single images that act as snapshots of lectures," she explains. But now, working my way through (the entirety) of a small sketchbook means that the resulting set of sequential images, is an immediate reflection of time as I experience it, in a given situation."

The most recent result of this new way of working is a sketchbook Shreyas had made specifically, for an artist talk at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The talk was by a founding member of the Guerrilla Girls, an anonymous collective of feminist artist-activists that believes in "creative complaining".

Flip through the pages of Shreyas' sketchbook below by clicking on the right/left toggle icons.