Summer Came Calling


This is a collaborative piece. 

Poem: Nipa Charagi.
Graphic illustration: Aakansha Menon


Chasing dragonflies
Scattering dandelions
Tripping, skipping, laughing

Scraped knees, flushed cheeks
Tousled hair, red lips
Dangling Phantom cigarettes 

Dreaming of orange bars
And Malory Towers
Spinning rainbow tales

Plucking clover leaves
Looking for the lucky fourth
Whispering I love you, I love you not

Lying in the grass
Filled with smiles and secrets
Smelling of sun, earth and sky

All those summers long ago
Running through the mind
Like a gentle breeze

Summer  by Aakansha Menon for  The Lookout Journal

Summer by Aakansha Menon for The Lookout Journal


Nipa Charagi has a desk job; she can be often found dreaming of summers in Kashmir.

Aakansha Menon is drunk on paint and believes her forte is taking the ordinary and adding a spin of surrealism to it.