Elephant, in the rain

Art and Text : Mona Biswarupa


From among my work, this little canvas I made in 2014 still remains one of my favourites. There's a sense that the elephant is carefree and in its own world— imperfect yet happy and unique.

As is the case most times, it looked a lot different in my head when I started painting it, than how it turned out in the end. To add to that, one afternoon, an accidental splatter of rain popped in through my open windows, to where the finished painting lay. At first, I was upset, but the very next minute my heart was thrilled— the elephant was messy and blurred, but it still had that content smile on its face. 

Sometimes little defects, when looked at differently, are really just little distinguishing effects. 


Mona Biswarupa was originally a fashion designer who recently restarted her career as an artist. An introvert who dares to dream, she's doing it one step at a time, in Dubai. You can see more of her work on Instagram