Summer in double exposures

Text and pictures : Tanushree Singh



Shooting outdoors during the sweltering Delhi summers can leave little room for inspiration, for a photographer. I have been practicing shooting on analog, between breaks from work the past few months. Shooting on 200 ISO film also means that it is more suitable for daylight. During the afternoon, on a few days when I did happen to get a break, I went out and shot the most simple things I saw around me - trees and flowers. I shot these purely because it was in the vicinity of my work and I had to rush back soon. Having a few options to play around with, to throw in a little surprise for myself, I shot these in double exposures - something that I had always wanted to do but was trying for the first time. Little did I know how interesting these would turn out to be.

I am now, with the guidance of the Museo Camera - The Vintage Camera Museum in Gurgaon, moving towards focusing a large part of my analog photography work on double exposures. I don't know where it will take me but this I know— all things great start from small beginnings. 




This series of photographs, shot on a whim during this summer.


Tanushree Singh is an emerging photographer based out of Delhi. She is currently exploring analog photography and alternative/vintage photographic printing processes and documents most of it on her Instagram.