Origami of a suitcase

This is a collaborative piece

Text : Bhavika Govil

Art : Gayatri Narayan


Step 1: Take a rectangular sheet of paper and flatten it. 

Step 2:  Fold the paper into half. 

Step 3: Fold over the edges to the centre line


Step 4: Fold the flaps of the paper outwards. 


Step 5: Flip the sheet of paper and fold the edges onto the centre line, make a crease and unfold. 

Step 6: Now, take the left bottom edge and bring it towards to the third crease and make a crease. 

Step 7: Tuck in the corner. 


Step 8: Now take the right bottom edge, bring it towards the first crease and tuck in its corner. And take the bottom triangle and tuck its tail in. 

Step 9: Turn the paper downside up. 

Step 10: Repeat the same with the two remaining corners. Fold up the edges and smoothen corners. You now have one box.

Step 11: Repeat steps 1 through 10 to make another. 

Step 12: Turn this new box over on top of the old box.


Step 13: Put a handle on it.


Step 1: Take a print of your ticket and lay it flat on a table. 

Step 2: Divide everything you own by half. Two neat piles of things you love to use, and things you may need to use—someday. 

Step 3: While you’re folded in half over the piles, contemplating what to take with you, get walked in on by your mother, who exclaims, “arre!” and nudges you for being slow. 

Step 4: Work around the piles faster now, and further divide your belongings into a more practical pile. It’s still pretty big. 

Step 5: Fold out your clothes into small squares, and don’t forget to keep a pair of fuzzy socks aside for the airplane. 

Step 6: Flip out about the fact that there’s so much to do, and collapse into a nap near the last pile, to avoid the work. Burrow yourself into sleep successfully. 

Step 7: Turn your book case upside down and go through the pile one cover at a time. Sniff, smell, assess what to take. Tuck the Roy’s, the Dahl’s and the Kinsella’s into the pile of ‘must takes’. Don't judge yourself.

Step 8: Tuck in your head to the knees as you may feel a strange sensation of excitement, anxiety, and heavy-heartedness. 

Step 9: Spread out your favourite blanket over all of the stuff that's ready to be packed. 

Step 10: Take in two distinct smells from the kitchen corner— steamed lemon rice and spices. Smoothly inhale it into memory, for you won't get it for the next six months. 

Step 11: Repeat steps 1 through 10 to be thorough. 

Step 12: Double check if the suitcase you've put all of this into is locked, weighed, patted. Sit down on it once you've zipped it shut, for good measure.  

Step 13: Done. Put a lid and a handle on your emotions and move forward. Adventure awaits.

The Suitcase , by Gayatri Narayan, for TLJ

The Suitcase, by Gayatri Narayan, for TLJ


Bhavika Govil is surviving the rejections of Mumbai's 'autowallahs' and 'bais' on a daily basis. She cooks badly, reads a little and tells the world she's 'writing'. She documents most of her thoughts here.  

Gayatri Narayan is a landscape architect who loves cheating on her profession with painting and illustrating at every opportunity she is given, like this one.