Three portraits

Art : Osheen Siva

An illustrator and graphic designer distils the essence of three people— a gardener, a painter, and a baker— and how they get their hands dirty in their everyday work. 

Martin Scherfler.

Originally all the way from Austria, he's been in Auroville, Puducherry for 12 years now.

As an environmental consultant, he does what he promotes. Personal is professional, after all, since for him sustainable living is a question of integrity. Gardening makes him happy; a sense of calmness and grounded-ness comes with that. 
Like earthworms in rained-on earth.

Aditya Fernandez.

A graphic and surface designer who enjoys working off the computer more, than on.

To this end, he does a number of paint jobs—on fabric, walls and objects. Working with hands and the immediate connection that it makes between his eyes, mind and hands, results in highly original designs. Mistakes and irregularities that naturally emerge from working with hands keep him engaged, and the process an active, sustained one.

Samyukta Kartik.

The interior architect and graphic designer by training is now a self-taught vegan chef, food stylist, and photographer.

She spends a lot of her time making and assembling food with her hands while having fun bringing her two worlds of food and design, together. What she ultimately seeks to communicate through this, is the importance of a holistic approach to nutrition, connecting and coexisting with other life forms, and environmental well-being. 


Osheen Siva, a visual artist and a graphic designer currently based in Delhi, is inspired by community, nature, astronomy and observing human beings in our natural, weird habitat. Her goal in the near and far future is to master her 20 year old Casio keyboard, frolic around the hills of India painting murals, play poi and manage a hand stand with ease.