Thoughts, after painting a wall

...added onto the bucket-list of a visual artist


This is a collaborative piece

Illustration: Abhimanyu Ghimiray
Text: TLJ, based on the illustrator's notes.


As soon as I'd painted my first
(little earthly) wall, there was
one thing for certain that I knew.
Let me forewarn you
It will sound like a particularly excessive fantasy...

here it is:
I'd like to paint the moon.


No, I don't mean "make-a-painting-of-the-moon".
I mean that I'd like to
cover the moon—it's far off face,
and milky iridescence— 
with huge black sheets, 

bump up and over its rockiness, and lift myself up
to a canvas-scale like I've never
done before.


It occurred to me, as I was hanging off
That same (little earthly) wall,
Why stop with ladders and cranes?
Let me maybe pack my paints
onto a spaceship (wait, would oils and acrylics stick on the moon at all?)

fly on over and launch off
into everything that I've never even
thought of.



Abhimanyu Ghimiray is an artist & illustrator, who loves exploring new mediums and styles for illustrations, paintings, and wall murals. He is always striving to do better and to (quite evidently) scale up the heights of his practice. You can find more of his work here.