The City and its People 

This is a collaborative piece

Art: Smrity Kushwaha
Poem: Madhav Dutt

Roads snake like arteries, 

Paving people’s paths and lives 

On buses, cars and bicycles, 

They plough on, bees to their hive. 


You and me and all of us, 

Swaying slowly with the bus, 

Hands tightly clutching the rails, 

Each engrossed in private thought. 


You have concerns and worries, 

I have my own too. 

Yet we’re here together, 

Sharing these collective blues. 


All different shapes and colours 

Daughters, fathers, sons and mothers 

Battling rain and cold weather, 

Tiny cogs of something bigger. 


Like the leaves of the branches, 

And the branches of a tree 

The city and its people, 

Become one, in harmony.


Smrity Kushwaha is a volatile feminist and a logophile, always on the lookout for the right words. 95% of the time, she is found doodling and bobbing her head to music and she dedicates the other 5% to the art of untangling earphone wires. Find more of her work here

Madhav Dutt is a student in Duke University, North Carolina. He isn't sure which artistic medium he enjoys the most, so he's trying them all.