South Stories | Quarterly Issue 1, April 2019

It’s a week of new beginnings in the south. Karnataka, Andhra, and Telangana celebrate their new year as we release this issue — our first of this year. Tamil Nadu and Kerala will, in about a week’s time. The first three states have their versions of Ugadi (yuga: era + adi: beginning) pacchadi, a little concoction of 6 different tastes symbolising the different emotions you might feel during the year. As kids, we remember making a big game of who felt what taste the most. We’d battle for who got the most sweet, or who got the most crunch. But now, it seems like the whole blend is better than any one big flavour’s takeover. This issue is kind of like the pacchadi. There are bittersweet stories about identity; there is a happy but full-of-heart gulp about making friends with the south through coffee and pop culture; or a quick bite of being a parachute visitor and not seeing much but feeling tons. This issue is close to our hearts, because of how a whole bunch of things here draw from what South India is, what it has, and what it means to a host of people. Including us.


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