Poem 5: Oolong, by Judith Lal

Illustration Credit -  Elena Belokrinitski

Illustration Credit - Elena Belokrinitski

In a dance with two fingers
they pluck the first two tips of camellia
when the season is a sterling flush.

A sometime heat finds out green
humming a recipe to itself.

No time for the Krishna butterfly
to smoke into the concentration of perspiration. 


Picture credit- Nirmala Mayur Patil (http://nirmalamayurpatil.blogspot.in)

Picture credit- Nirmala Mayur Patil (http://nirmalamayurpatil.blogspot.in)

With their creche of babies
rocked high further on
they must fill the quota and over.

Delicate, where foothill rings
step close together
under layers of a wide skirt, 


ghats where the sun is still young
before the pukka guesswork of rain, 

where an umbrella is a basketed idea
in service to monsoonal silver. 

A few rupees flown down. Needs must. 
They laugh with us who drink dust.